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We Provide ::
• Professional Digital Art Solutions
• Original, Bespoke Designs
• Print Ready Artwork
• Final Artwork Provided on CD
• Royalty Free Stock Photography
• PC & Mac Dual Platform Designs
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Product Design Service

Whatever you’re business ambitions, whether you're, a small to medium enterprise or a lone Inventor; MiaDesign™ have the product design experience to benefit your business.
No two clients or projects are the same, their personalities, requirements, ambitions, constraints and opportunities are all very different. To understand your design brief, we must first understand you, your customers, your product and end users - achieving this is to meet with our design team to discuss all project requirements
MiaDesign™ services enable companies, inventors and individuals to realise their inventive ideas with the clear purpose of establishing their product in the marketplace. Our key strengths stem from our extensive design and development experience.

The Process
  • Material research
  • Hand drawings
  • 2D & 3D CAD drawings
  • Material sampling
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Print
  • Marketing
Case Study: Champage Towers

Product Launch
Lauren Olivia can assist with your product launch requirements; our detailed knowledge of the new product enables a quick and cost effective development of your product launch tools. We offer design services including; branding, instruction manuals, brochures, packaging and exhibitions.

Good marketing media increases brand awareness and sells products - our design expertise ensures your products communicate consistently clear brand values.

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Packaging Design Solutions.

1 Colour
2 Colour
Full Colour

Includes full design layout and dye cut artwork
(A4 Size as Standard)

Includes Dye Cut Design
Includes Dye Cut Design
Includes Dye Cut Design

Packaging solutions available from simple 1 Colour layouts to Full Colour packages. You will also require a DYE CUT (If you don't already have). DYE CUT is the template that stamps/cuts out the flat design of the package. This created the necessary cuts, flaps and creases for folds. Packaging is flexible to the product size. Please ensure that you have the full domensions of the item you require packaging for.

- Creative, Original Designs with Impact
- FREE Dye Cut Design with Layout
- High Resolution Graphics
- Create Your Own Package Brand

- Give Your Product The Right Image
- Final Files provided on CD for Print

What We Need From You :-

Any Company Logo(s) provided as a jpeg file at 300dpi, EPS or PDF
2. Your Full Details, Name, Address etc, (if applicable)
3. Company Registration details (if applicable)
4. Any other details/logo's you would like presented on your stationary
5. General typo related to packaging, including bullet points etc.
6. Any images as jpeg file at 300dpi (preferably)

(Instructions for artwork will be sent on a Design Brief - Step 3 on Order)

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