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Licensing of Your Artwork

The first step in protecting your art design or pattern is to protect it through a copyright or trademark. Visit for complete details. Next, visit a Solicitor and have them draft up a license agreement that you can use with third parties. Another option is to consider a Creative Commons license. The aim of Creative Commons is to enable copyright holders to grant some of their rights to the public while retaining others through a variety of licensing and contract schemes including dedication to the public domain or open content licensing terms.

  • MiaDesign™ artwork licensing is quite flexible. We as deigners fully understand that our artwork created for professional use still has a professional obligation through rights of use. All of our artwork is created and sold with a Simple License Agreement that gives the client a flexible approach on the use of the artwork. MiaDesign™ have no obligation for the reproduction of the artwork aslong as it is NOT resold on as part or full design.

  • Please use the following guidlines shown in the related links above to find information on how to license your artwork.

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