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If there is a question that is NOT answered on this page then please contact us with your query.

Q: Why do we need designs for print?
A: Printing in the commercial world requires 'Artwork Files' to render the visual appearance of your print work.
This could be in a number of Industry Standard Formats. All final files require output for creating 'Plates'. We now use a CTP process (Computer to Print). The file is broken down in to 4 different core colours
CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK (CMYK) to create final output.

Q: What is a Graphic Designer?
A: Graphic Designers are qualified Digital Artists that produce artwork for all aspects of the design industry.
Designers are affluent in creating visuals for clients projects that require a final output for production. There are many design packages which a designer can use to create a particular design. each designer has his or her own preference as to which applications they use to create artwork. It's known industry standard to create artwork on Apple Macintosh Platform computers for their superiority in design capabilities.

Q: Does artwork need to be in CMYK colour format?
A: Yes, if the final design is for a full colour finish. We can also design in Mono (Gray Scale) for 1 colour print solutions and also for Spot Colour Prints. Also a 5th Colour can be added, like Gold, Silver or Spot UV Varnish finishes. There are many formats that can be used, but the most common is CMYK Lithographic Printing.

Q: Why do images need to be in Jpeg or PDF Format?
A: These formats are universal file types and would work on both Mac & PC platforms. We as designers request files in this format as it easier to work with and has become industry standard. Don't worry about the colour format, we will change it accordingly to CMYK within the design layout.

Q: How do you know what I am looking for in the design?
A: We have created a web based application 'The Design Brief' which is Step 3 in our order process. In this brief you will outline certain design criteria that you desire. We as designers will work out the best possible solution for your final design layout. Proofs will be sent for your approval before we despatch the artwork on CD/DVD.

Q: Why is there no telephone number to contact you directly?
A: is a web-based design store. Our team consists of hardcore designers and developers who work on a 'Freelance' contractual basis. There is no individual person that can answer all your questions. This is why we request the necessary details within the design brief, to ensure the product you desire is as you want it.
Ultimately to be able to offer such cost-effective design rates we must eliminate additional costs that are not passed on to you the end client. Your main point of contact will be via email. We endeavor to return all emails within 4-24hrs depending on time of day or Bank Holidays and weekends.

Q: Can we change and amend the design?
A: Yes, we always will send a proofing stage, this will enable you the client to view and verify that the design content and design is as you desire. Any amendments will be made from your instructions at this stage.
We will only send you 1 proof and then a final proof as we aim to get your design complete in a satisfactory time frame. On extreme cases where designs do need a further proofing stage due to additional material or last minute changes, we offer this service at an additional
£25.00 per proofing stage.

Q: Why do we need to get Royalty FREE Pictures?
A: In cases where an image is needed for your design, 2 options are available to you. Firstly obtaining photography image/illustration from a designer or photographer which will ensure that you are NOT in breach of any copyright infringements and you are using 'your' original images/illustrations that you have paid for the rights of use. Secondly you can choose from 1,000's of professional photo's or illustrations that come with a standard license agreement of use. This is a very cost effective solution for you as you need not spend extra time and money to obtain the images you seek. Make your design come to life, with amazing photography and illustrations to choose from.

Q: I need an invoice for my purchase from MiaDesign
A: Your payment invoice is generated in Step 2. After making the payment at PayPal you will be sent an invoice via email. This is your final invoice. Please keep safe for your account records.

Q: Why No V.A.T. Charge?
A: As we are individual, self employed freelance designers, our tax code is separate and our fees do not exceed the v.a.t. threshold. We only charge the price you see. No extra hidden charges.

Q: I didn't receive my final artwork?
A: If by any chance your CD/DVD or email of final design does not get to you we will send it out again as long as you let us know within 3 days of order completion. All posted items would take no longer than 3 days within the U. K. mainland. Overseas orders will take a little longer.

Q: Does MiaDesign keep a copy of our artwork for future use?
A: We only keep artwork for a maximum of 1 month until it is backed-up, stored or deleted. We are not responsible for storing files or documents. The hardcopy CD/DVD we provide to you should be kept in a safe place to ensure that the artwork is not lost. If you do need another copy later and we have a copy saved for you then we can post out to you for a cost of £10.00

Q: I need a slight amendment to my last design?
A: If a completed design comes back for slight adjustments and changes after initial production then a small fee is only charged at our discretion. You will need to email us for rates.

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