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Mission Statement
MiaDesign™ provide an efficient online design service that meets all it's clients criteria. The most important is meeting strict deadlines. As we are completely web based and all of our designers work around the clock, we can comfortably meet any deadlines that we agree to. However some projects may require in depth research or even a gradual process to accomplish the final desired artwork.

We also take into consideration any third party involvement that may delay any processes. All of our designers are contracted to complete every project they undertake within the given time period. Our designers are highly experienced with working under pressure and completing projects within guidelines and completion times. This also includes proofing stages which we email to you 'the client', so you can see step by step the development of your design. This also gives you the client the opportunity to give your input into the design. We may have the skills, but it always helps to put your ideas in to reality, after all, you know your business best.

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Most Designs Completed in 72 Hours
This does not include weekends and Bank Holidays
24 Hour completion is available at an extra surcharge

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